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*HST only applicable to legal fees and disbursements.
*Special rates for Police Services. Contact us directly for rates.

Purchase Transaction


Legal Fees $699.00 (Includes 1 mortgage)

Disbursements $350.00 (approx)

*Each Additional Mortgage $100.00

The following costs are in addition
to the above fees:

Registration of Transfer (Ownership) $75.63

Registration of Each Mortgage $75.63

Title Insurance (specific to each transaction)

Land Transfer Tax (specific to each transaction)

If you are a First Time Home Buyer, you are exempted up to $4,000.00 on the Land Transfer Tax Rebate.

Sale Transaction


Legal Fees $599.00

Disbursements $200.00 (approx)

Mortgage Refinance


Legal Fees $499.00

Disbursements $300.00 (approx)

Transfer of Title


Legal Fees $399.00

Disbursements $100.00

Registration of Transfer (Ownership) $75.63

Land Transfer Tax (specific to each transaction)