About Denise Wong

Denise Wong is a real estate law clerk who has worked at Marks & Ciraco Barristers, Solicitors & Trademark Agents for over 20 years, providing exceptional residential real estate transactions services.

Denise Wong takes pride in providing the best service to her clients. You will be offered a comfortable and professional environment, allowing you to feel at ease throughout one of the biggest transactions you will make in your lifetime.

Denise Wong believes in helping her clients to make sense of the law and your new home and will be your professional advisor from the beginning to the end of your real estate transaction. You will be guided through the legal process along every step of the way, leaving no uncertainties and making your home buying or selling is experience pleasant and hassle-free.

Denise Wong can assist you with the following real estate transactions:

• Residential home or condo buying
• Residential home or condo selling
• First time home buying
• Transfer of title
• Mortgage refinancing

Contact Denise Wong by phone, fax, or e-mail so that she can begin helping you with your real estate needs. Please do not wait any longer to receive exceptional client service and guaranteed satisfaction. Call now!

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